Gambler’s Help Financial Counselling

Gambler’s Help Financial Counselling is a specialist service available to anyone who is experiencing financial difficulties related to gambling.

Financial counsellors have expertise in debt recovery law and help people who are in debt to understand and exercise their rights and responsibilities by providing information, options, advocacy and support.

The gambler or person affected by another’s gambling behaviour may choose to see a Gambler’s Help financial counsellor with or without seeing a therapeutic counsellor. However, as Melbourne Counselling Service offers an integrated, holistic response to problem gambling, it is desirable that both the financial counsellor and therapeutic counsellor are engaged to address the underlying issues of the gambling behaviour as well as the financial consequences.

All Melbourne Counselling Service’s financial counsellors are qualified and members of the Financial and Consumer Rights Council (FCRC).


How can financial counsellors help?

Our Gambler’s Help financial counsellors will listen and offer confidential, non-judgemental support. They will:

  • Assess your financial situation
  • Discuss your options
  • Advocate or negotiate with creditors, government agencies and others on your behalf
  • Obtain information on legal processes such as debt collection and bankruptcy
  • Obtain referrals to other appropriate services such as emergency relief, housing services or counselling
  • Provide practical information to help you protect assets and manage money


Preparing to speak to a financial counsellor

To allow a financial counsellor to establish a full picture of your finances, you need to provide the following information:

  • Details of income – payslips, Centrelink statements
  • Current bank statements
  • A list of all debt
  • Copies of (or information about) all loan agreements
  • Details of current and outstanding bills
  • Copies of (or information about) any court documents received
  • Letters about debts and bills that seem urgent


Get in contact with us

Gambler’s Help City and Inner North covers the local government areas of the Cities of Melbourne, Yarra, Moreland and Moonee Valley. However if you live outside of these locations and our office is most convenient for you, then you are still able to use our service.

Clients are able to refer themselves or alternatively be referred by another community or health service.

For more information please contact 03 9653 3250 or email your name and phone number to

Our intake worker will complete a phone assessment and outline the process for allocating you a counsellor. If necessary, we can offer you referral options to other services that better suit your needs.


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