Gambler’s Help Venue Support

As outlined in the Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct, gaming venues in Victoria have responsibilities to identify and respond to patrons showing signs of distress and unacceptable behaviour which may be related to problem gambling.


To support and assist venues in fulfilling these responsibilities, the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation funds the Gambler’s Help Venue Support Program, which operates across all areas of metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria.


This support assists gaming venue management and staff to:

  • Identify and respond to patrons displaying behaviours that may be associated with problem gambling
  • Raise awareness among venue staff of Gambler’s Help services, self-exclusion programs and other community support services
  • Where appropriate encourage referral to Gambler’s Help services and other community support services
  • Meet the requirements of their Responsible Gambling Codes of Conduct
  • Promote and maintain responsible gambling environments


For further information on the Venue Support Program, please contact Louise Crowe on 9653 3250.