REPAIR Program

Providing Therapeutic Responses to Young People Who Have Experienced Family Violence


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What is the REPAIR Program?

REPAIR is a DHHS-funded family violence demonstration project that provides young people with access to a creative therapeutic program that is tailored specifically to their needs. It is a joint twelve-month pilot project between Crossroads Youth & Family Services Network and Salvation Army Westcare.

REPAIR will assist young people through building skills with relationships, regulation, integrating experiences of family violence and increasing capacity to engage. The aim is for a participant engagement period of three months to assist in their recovery journey.


What does this program involve?

A young person (participant) will undergo a sensory assessment with an occupational therapist, where their most beneficial therapeutic delivery will be identified.

Family Violence Navigators will work with assigned case managers to guide participants through the therapeutic process. Navigators will facilitate access and delivery of therapies with the aim of keeping young people engaged and help ‘navigation’ through their therapeutic plan.

A family therapist will be available to assist the participants and support their family units.


How can I refer to this program?

You can download a referral form here

The REPAIR team can be contacted directly on 03 9417 7495


Participant criteria

To be considered for involvement in the REPAIR Program, participants must:

  • be aged 12 to 18 (some flexibility is available)
  • live in the north or west regions of Melbourne
  • be in out-of-home care, continuing care or leaving care OR be ‘first timers’ in out-of-home care OR be accompanying a family member into a family violence refuge or service
  • have experienced family violence
  • have a case manager