REPAIR Program

REPAIR was one of 26 family violence therapeutic demonstration projects funded by Family Safety Victoria from 2018.  The REPAIR project provided creative therapies to young people in out of home care, young people accompanying mothers in family violence refuges and services and young people leaving care.  The type of creative therapy selected was supported by an occupational therapist’s sensory profile.  In addition, a family therapist provided support for relationships and some sector development and reflective practice was facilitated by the team to increase awareness about family violence among other services.


The project has been independently evaluated and this evaluation concluded that REPAIR has been a highly successful program that has supported the recovery of some of the most vulnerable adolescents in the community.


Click here for an analysis of the project.


The Victorian Government via Family Safety Victoria have developed new service specifications for family violence recovery services across Victoria, using the learnings from the demonstration projects.  Successful providers for the new comprehensive regionally based recovery services are being selected.


REPAIR has been proud to be part of this learning journey and the exploration of practices that support children young people and families on their individual journeys towards recovery and healing from family violence.